Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review of "Losing Her" By: Cori Williams

"Losing Her" By: Cori Williams 
Rating: 3.5*

I came away from this feeling slightly confused as to what I had read. The story is told from Campbell and Lawson's point of view but jumps back and forth without warning between the past and the present. When Campbell and Lawson first meet, Lawson tries to get into Campbell's pants but she resists his charms and the draw to the country music star. They build a tenuous friendship, with Lawson always wanting more. Their relationship is severely tested when Campbell meets and marries Conner. Conner doesn't take well to their friendship as he is a very jealous and controlling man. Laws
on recognises the signs but Campbell is determined to do and try anything to save her marriage and stay with her husband, coming from a broken household herself.

Can Campbell find the strength to walk away from Conner or will she give up everything to stay with him?

A difficult and challenging read as you try to understand Campbell's way of thinking and why she stays with such a vile man. It is the hope that he will change and not do it again. The prologue and epilogue show that Campbell is not the first to suffer at his hand and give a hint as to what is still to come.

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