Sunday, February 22, 2015

Review of "Ignite" By: K.T. Fisher

"Ignite" By: K.T. Fisher
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Continuing the stories of Lacey and Cole and Roxie and Mazon from Heat, we have another hot read.  Lacey and Roxie join Black Inferno on tour.  Slightly star struck by it all, Lacey goes into the experience with rose tinted glasses but the harsh realities soon take hold as more than one set of jealousies rear their heads.  Roxie is struggling with her feelings for Lacey and together with a stupid mistake leads down a spiralling path of drinking.

While there are still the hot and steamy moments from Heat, this is a lot more raw with harsh realities of human nature getting in the way.  With Lacey and Roxie, while confident in who they are and their sexuality, are innocently naive in the world of fame, which leaves them exposed and easy to take advantage of.

The hotness and eroticism that were there in Heat are definitely still present in Ignite but it all seems more real in the harsh light of Cole and Mason's world.  You can understand why the men went looking for women from outside their circle.  It was a riveting read and I so want more.  I so want life to work out perfectly for both Lacey and Roxie with Cole and Mason.  

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