Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review of "Abuse" By: Nikki Sex

"Abuse" By: Nikki SexRating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Grant doesn't know why he kept the trophy relics, they are meaningless to him know. When his father died he got the gun range because he was the only child interested in shooting. Grant's mother wants him to come to her fundraiser. He doesn't go instead he goes to Vegas to meet Andre. Renata's uncle Bob doesn't want her, he offered money to Andre to take her. Andre took her in and gave her her own room and a kitten to love. The moment Andre met Grant he thought of Renata. What happens next?

Chester Wilkinson is Grant, Alex and Betty Jo's father, he is an alcoholic and he is 55 years old, he is a successful property developer. Grant Wilkinson is 29 years old, he was a sniper in the Amry, he did four tours, he is the oldest of three kids, is an alcoholic, . Renata Koreman was in and out of foster homes, she has a stutter and is afraid of people. She doesn't like to talk, Andre brought her back. Andre is Grant and Renata's therapist, French, he is also a dom, he cares about his clients. Betty Jo is Grant's younger sister, she is a high functioning alcoholic, self absorbed, mean and annoying. Alex is Grant's brother, he has a 6 month old son Briley, he has a cocaine addiction. Sky is Alex's wife, has a cocaine problem. Stan is Alex's friend and dealer got arrested. 

This is my first book by Nikki Sex and it most definitely will not be my last. I loved how well this book was written and how well the characters were developed. I also loved that I couldn't put this book down.

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