Sunday, December 28, 2014

Review of "The Dangerous Hero" By: Linda Barlow

"The Dangerous Hero" By: Linda Barlow
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

First encounters can make a lasting impression.  For Viola this was certainly the case with Stephen and she was devastated when he left without  a word.  Fast forward to when they meet again and that spark is still there.  But Viola refuses to explore the possibilities with him as a result of an abusive ex-husband and the fact that Stephen is an author whose hero is a sadistic man.  Viola is unable to separate the man from the fiction, as there has to be some of the man in the fiction, right? 

Stephen likes control in the bedroom and lives a BDSM lifestyle, right down to the dungeon in his home.  Viola was his first attempt at exerting control sexually and gave him the confidence he needed.  When he walked out of her life, it was not through choice.  He finds himself with a second chance with her but can she accept his lifestyle?  While she is open to the pleasures that it can bring, she is reluctant to give total control or acceptance to it while her past still exerts control over her. 

A highly sensual and erotic read that introduces the world of BDSM patiently and naturally.  As Viola is new to the lifestyle, she doesn't get thrown into the world straight away as we have seen in other books.  We get to explore what it means right alongside her and understand much more about it.  An engaging and hot read that felt completely natural. 

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