Sunday, December 21, 2014

Review of "Charlotte’s Bed" By: S J. Stava

"Charlotte’s Bed" By: S J. Stava

This is life, love and fun wrapped in pages!

While Charlotte was happy being a Professor of Acting at the local University she was not thrilled being the last single woman in her circle of girlfriends. While only thirty and still hopeful, she found herself dragged good-naturedly into the online dating scene. After many bad, and often hilarious, dates, Charlotte unexpectedly began dating a University Dean twenty years her senior – and even more surprisingly, was now engaged to be married! While she is happy to be out of the dating scene, she may not be as committed to the relationship as she thought she should be. Charlotte should be thrilled – Richard is a good guy - but somehow, something, was missing. Her uncertainty was compounded after meeting her most recent teaching assistant, Mason. Mason - the age-appropriate, not- pimply-faced, un-Teacher Attentive – teaching assistant. Charlotte knew she was an engaged woman – she was going to be married – but she could not fight their attraction and their relationship became very… close. Charlotte knew she was in trouble – Mason just “got” her and understood her need to and desire to pursue her career goals. Richard didn’t even want her to work anymore as he yearned to have children and a stay at home wife. Struggling to understand what she really wanted and needed was difficult as she juggled both relationships. This could not end well as she remained engaged to Richard – Mason didn’t know about Richard – and Richard didn’t know about Mason!

I loved this book! At the beginning I couldn’t help but laugh my way through the first chapters. The dialogue, the inner voice – even the online dating profile – had me in stitches. I mean, who wouldn’t laugh when one (of the many) not so fun dates accused her of attempted murder with a butter knife! The laughter quickly grew into more as I got to know more about the characters and their stories. Not all was a laughing matter as Charlotte shared losing her sister and the life-long affect this had on her family. Having lost a brother to illness, Mason’s choices were shaped early on in his life. Realizing his future needed to be different, he was working on forging a new path for himself. We can all relate to their struggles with career demands, family pressures and simply “doing the right thing”. Charlotte was human and made mistakes – it was easy to picture her as a friend or even yourself as she grappled with finding herself and her happily ever after. A fun and fulfilling read!

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