Thursday, April 5, 2018

Come Home to Me by Abby Brooks

Title: Come Home to Me
Series: Brookside Romance #5
Author: Abby Brooks
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 5, 2018


Abby Brooks presents the captivating story of a broken woman and the man who helps her heal from her past...

I say I've set out on an adventure, but I'm lying. Deep down, I know the truth. I'm running. From my past. From my future. From everything.

When I meet Frank Wilde, a man whose dark eyes and chiseled abs would be intimidating if it weren't for his soul-searing smile, I know I should keep on running. There's nothing but disaster waiting for me with a man like him, a man who makes me feel like I mean more than one passion filled night of sweaty bodies and tangled sheets.

For the first time in my life, I stick around. Bit by bit, touch by touch, kiss by kiss, Frank shows me what it means to trust someone with my deepest secrets and purest truths.

But when his past comes back to haunt us, I realize I'm not the only one fighting demons and I might have been better off if I'd just kept running after all...

Come Home To Me is an standalone contemporary romance. Character driven. Emotional. Honest.

Rating: 3.5*

Ok, let me start by saying that I struggled  with Frank throughout this book.  He was arrogant and cocky thinking he was worth more than his female colleagues, therefore the rules didn't apply to him.  Not endearing at all.   The author had an uphill battle to win me over and to get me invested in this book. 

I will say that I did warm up to him by the end.  There were glimpses of his good points scattered throughout in the way he was with Sarah, showing kindness, compassion, empathy and encouragement.  Sarah is vulnerable and confused, dealing with her mental well-being on a daily basis and he is a grounding influence on her.  She sees something special in him.

This was an interesting read that had me hooked despite my feelings towards Frank.  I think he is very much like will either love him or hate him.

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Author Bio

Abby Brooks is a romance author who lives with the love of her life and their three kids in a small town in Ohio. She loves dancing in the kitchen, laughing with people she loves, and reading way too late into the night.

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