Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Review of "Shaman's Curse" By: Suzannah Daniels

"Shaman's Curse" By: Suzannah Daniels
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Whilst most seventeen year old girls are worrying about being liked, what they're going to wear, make up, boys and school work, Maylin is fighting for her own survival and for the survival of those in her group...and to stay seventeen.  With a plague having swept the world and few human survivors left, other species such as vampires are thriving.

'Shaman's Curse' picks up where 'Vampire's Bane' finishes. There is much that is unknown for Maylin and her group as they reach Exordium and the set up there does nothing to ease their concerns.  With so much to discover in their new home, it would be easy for them to relax but with past events not as in their past as they thought, they must keep their guard up.

I was once again drawn into this post-apocalyptic world where vampires, witches and other creatures can thrive in a world once dominated by humans.  There was much revealed about these characters and the events that led them to this point but there was equally so much more still to be revealed.  Just as one piece of the jigsaw is revealed, another takes its place.  I am really looking forward to finding out how this series develops and reading more of Suzannah Daniels' engaging writing style and ability to create strong female characters.

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