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Review of "Christmas Love List (Christmas Romance)" By: Natalie Nicole Brooks, Sharon Kleve, Angela Conner, Angela Ford

"Christmas Love List (Christmas Romance)" By: Natalie Nicole Brooks, Sharon Kleve, Angela Conner, Angela Ford 
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Surprise Your A Christmas Bride by Natalie Nicole Brooks 

Maisey Gates has only lived in the Vine Grove area a short period of time when she went into Que Syrah Syrah, when she went into the shop and met a lovely group of women. The last person that she expected to meet was Sean. Maisey didn't want to have anything to do with the love list. 
Maisey designs jewelry, collects dolls. She has a ton of deadlines and an upcoming photo shoot. Sean is a cop, delivered Maisey home, lost his wife three years ago. Tegan is the owner of Que Syrah Syrah wine shop. Love list Creator. Rebecca is Tegan's friend. 

Christmas Kisses and Wishes by Sharon Kleve 

Finn made a promise to her grandmother, she was going to travel for the rest of the year. Even though she would much rather be at her grandmothers. Finn told her that she was going to Vine Grove a small town in Washington. While there she met Keaton at the store and he offered to take her out on a date. 
Finn has a pug named Scorch, needs to find a place to call home. She can work from anywhere. She is a Romance Editor. Keaton is a Vine Grove Native, Tegan's friend. He is a veterinarian. Gran wants to see Finn happy. Has two cats. Tegan Taylor is the owner of Que Syrah Syrah Wine Shop. Rebecca Miller is Tegan's friend, Keaton's friend. Chloe Miles is Tegan and Rebecca's friend. Dakota is Finn's friend. Kady is Finn's friend, has a son named Noah. 

A Home For Christmas by Jennifer Conner 

Kady and Noah drove all the way from California to Vine Grove area because of things that happened. Kady and Noah get a warm welcome from her parents. While she goes to the store she decides that she is going to go have a drink and the last person she expects to see is Edition. Edition decided that he wants to take things slow with Kady and see how they go. 

Kady is a single mom, she moved back home to Vine Grove. Got a job working for Tegan at Que Syrah Syrah. Noah is Kady's son, blames himself for what happened. Edition is the handyman around town, he went to school with Kady. He is Nahko's brother. Vivian is Kady's mother and Noah's grandmother. Nahko is Edition's brother, owns a bar. 

Christmas Country Wishes by Angela Ford 

Dakota moved away from the family that she never felt like she belonged in. She was told the truth finally by her father. She moved to Vine Grove to start a job at a hospital. The last thing she expects is to be almost ran off the road by some guy because he wasn't watching where he was going. Later she meets Tegan and was invited to the book club. 

Dakota is a nurse, moved to vine grove. She doesn't care about money like her mother. She lives with Ethel as its close to her work. Ethel is an older lady, sweet carrying and nice. Tristan runs his cousin's winery, one of the best perks is drinking on the job. Chase is Tristan's cousin, Married to Rebecca. Rebecca works at the hospital with Dakota. Married to Chase. Tegan is the owner of Que Syrah Syrah. Denise is Dakota's boss. Maisey is part of the group that meets at Que Syrah Syrah, married. Dr. Withers works at the hospital. Marion is Dr. Wither's wife. 

This book is such an amazing read. Each author knew how to draw me into the story. Me I happen to love Christmas stories. All these stories were very well written and the characters were very well developed. I loved that I felt very connected to the characters. I look forward to reading more books by Natalie Nicole Brooks, Sharon Kleve,Jennifer Conner and Angela Ford.

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