Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Review of "Finding My Reason" By: Claudia Burgoa

"Finding My Reason" By: Claudia Burgoa 
Rating: 4.5*

Emotional and angsty….

Hudson and Jade’s story may have been a bit of a slow start for me but it was one that built so much momentum that by the time it was done, I was exhausted. A good exhausted, mind you. Their story was full of love and loss, indecision and certainty, so much so that at times my heart had a difficult time keeping up…

What should have been a simple encounter soon became much more as a physical attraction sparked a need between them that guaranteed there had to be more. How that came to unfold was a journey of heart and soul, of pain and joy that was going to bind Hudson and Joy in inexplicable ways. I wondered and worried how it was all going to pan out as ‘happily ever after’ is never a guarantee these days, even in a romance. There were highs and lows and which was going to come out on top was not always clear and had me guessing to the end…

A slow start affected the overall rating but a read I would heartily recommend…

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