Saturday, October 8, 2016

Review of "Meeting The Unpredictable" By: Riann C. Miller

"Meeting The Unpredictable" By: Riann C. Miller
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Lennie loves to live life to the fullest, she traveled all over, when she goes to her sisters early and surprises her. Jodi is so worried that Lennie is going to leave without saying goodbye. Lennie decided that she was going to be making muffins but she didn't have oil or eggs so she went to her sisters neighbor. Tyler gave Lennie the eggs and oil to make the muffins. Lennie is determined to get Tyler out of his apartment and out of his shell.  

Lennie doesn't stay in one place for a long periods of time. She doesn't believe in love, 25 years old. Doesn't get along with her parents. Tyler works from home as a corporate Investigator, he lives in the same apartment complex as Jodi. Chad's friend and roommate. Closed himself off. Jodi is Lennie's older sister by three years. 28 years old. a layer. Chad wants to be with Jodi, works at investment firm, 28 years old. He is Tyler's friend and roommate. Joel is Tyler's brother. Austin is Tyler's brother. Brandon is Tyler's brother, married to Amber. Has two children. Sam is Tyler's nephew and Brandon and Amber's son. Allie is Tyler's niece, Amber and Brandon's daughter. Sam's younger sister.

This book is very well written and the characters are very well developed. I loved that I found this book very hard to put down and I loved that I felt very connected to the characters. This is one book that I know I will be able to read again and again.

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