Saturday, October 22, 2016

Shattered by Time by B.A. Dillon

Title: Shattered by Time
Series: Time Series #3
Author: B.A. Dillon
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release: October 19, 2016
A series of tragic childhood events left Julia Shaw with absolutely no memories of her life before college. Fast forward to the future, Julia struggles to fit in with friends, has never been in love, and always finds a way to exit before the fourth date.
FBI agent Josh Miller moved to Tampa for two reasons. Mend his broken relationship with his younger brother and dismantle Frank Montana’s human trafficking organization once and for all. Memories of his undercover life continue to haunt him, causing him to live in solitude and always sleep alone.
While Josh struggles with a strange sense of déjà vu every time they are together, Julia strives to accept her newfound gift . . . or curse. Suddenly able to exchange messages with the spirit world, Julia’s conversations with the dead have her questioning her own sanity.
But the mind is an incredible instrument. One touch, one kiss, one spark, can flood the heart with thousands of memories. Some tell a beautiful story while others change lives forever.
Life is about moments. Many she needs to remember. Most he’d like to forget.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Julia hates it when people sneak up on her, when she is talking to Rose. Julia likes to retreat from happy land, she hates that she can't remember her life before college. Julia was responsible for giving the speech at Brandon and Scott's wedding. Mia and Emma worry about Julia. The only family that Julia knows is Mia, Emma, Isaac, Luke, Scott and Brandon.
Julia has been hearing voices for 6 months, she is the jokester of the family. Teacher. Josh is an FBI Agent, he is very loyal and funny. Protective of Julia and the rest of them. Isaac's older brother. Scott is a teacher. Married to Brandon. Emma, Mia, Julia, Luke, Isaac and Josh's friend. Loves to plan parties. Brandon married to Scott, Julia, Emma, Mia, Josh, Luke and Isaac's friend. Luke is FBI Agent, Married to Emma. Emma is a teacher, married to Luke, has children. She likes to hover, she is the rock that binds them all together. Mia has visions, has 2 daughters, married to Isaac. She studies Julia's behavior. Teacher. Isaac is married to Mia, he is a gentleman. Josh's younger brother. He is on the Tampa Bay Police Department. Mia's husband. 

This is the third book in the Time Series. I loved that I was drawn in to this story from the first page. This book is very well written and the characters are very well developed.

B.A. Dillon is the author of the Time Series. Tethered Through Time was Dillon's debut novel. A Vision in Time and It's About Time followed in 2015. Shattered by Time is scheduled for release in fall 2016. Dillon also writes the column, "Turn the Page," for the monthly magazine 85 South, Out and About, published in the Atlanta area. She is a devoted wife and mother of two grown children, and a dedicated middle school teacher. She loves music, words, books, and martinis!

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