Sunday, October 9, 2016

Review of "Keagan" By: F.G. Adams

"Keagan" By: F.G. Adams
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Jocelyn has Keagan wrapped around her finger even if they are just friends. Keagan was discharged from the Army after eight years, Keagan is in Business with Lukas and Ollie. Buzz wants to make sure that Gunner arrives where he is supposed to be without anything happening to him and he made sure to tell Crash that. That last person that he expected to see was Jocelyn.

Jocelyn is a Children's councilor, has a cat named miss kitty. Fallyn's sister, Father own's most of town. Wasn't ever allowed to date. Goes by Jo. Keagan is a Military Brat, wants to get his job done. Has one younger brother. Fallyn Jocelyn's older sister, always protected her younger siblings. Gunner knows Buzz from the group home they were both a part of. Ollie is Keagan and Lukas's friend, owns business with Lukas and Keagan. Lukas is Keagan and Ollie's friend, in physical therapy. Wade is Keagan's younger brother, lives in Alaska. Grady is Keagan's friend, know's Keagan's parents. Own's Grady's Pit stop. Kendall is Grady's lady , the cook at Grady's Pit Stop. Buzz is VP of Phantom Prophets.

This is the second book in the This is Our Life Series. This book is very well written and the character are very well developed. I loved that I found this book very hard to put down and that I felt very connected to the characters. I look forward to reading more books by F.G. Adams.

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