Sunday, October 2, 2016

Review of "Jared" By: Nicole Edwards

"Jared" By: Nicole Edwards
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Another fantastic read from Nicole Edwards.  She manages to create fresh and romantic reads every single time and ones that you will want to return to and series that you want more from.  

Hope is closed off from love, dedicating her life to the running of the family's successful ranch.  When Jared's family decides they are going to hold a family reunion there and Jared is put in charge of the event it becomes a test of wills to see which one will hold out the longest as the electricity between them sizzles the air around them.  

Jared is the hottest single dad around, determined to do the best for his cute as a button son, Derrick.  Derrick steals the show with his cuteness.  Looking forward to a future with him after the hell he went through with his ex, his ex has other ideas.  

I loved the fact that we got snippets of other characters throughout this book, which shows that this is in fact two big families standing strong together.  With a strong, sassy,  independent woman in Hope, a strong, sexy and amazing man in Jared and a cute as a button son in Derrick, this is pure awesome from start to finish.

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