Saturday, September 17, 2016

Review of "Chasing Fears" By: Ellie Williams

"Chasing Fears" By: Ellie Williams
Rating: 3.5*

I was drawn into the beautifully descriptions at the beginning of this and for this reason I kept reading as I wanted to find out more about the events that led Awen to that point.  I don't usually find myself enjoying fantasy reads as I struggle to leave reality behind and just live in the fantasy that the author has created.  I did struggle a little bit with this one but because most of this first installment was set in the real world, with bits of fantasy weaved in.  I really enjoyed the fact that this was set in my home country of Wales and I got a huge amount of enjoyment out of the Welsh weaved throughout the story.  

The writing, however, was shaky at times after the initial greatness of the opening, which did pull me out of the story sometimes.  As an opener it was fairly low key but Awen managed to fit a lot into the day.  I can see the potential for this turning into an epic read and I'm sure that there will be lots of readers out there that will love this book.

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