Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review of "Protostar" By: Braxton A. Cosby

"Protostar" By: Braxton A. Cosby Rating: ☆☆☆☆ 
 Sarah knew that there was going to be a meteor.What she didn't know was that there was going to be a car where the impact point was going to be. When the meteor struck the car it killed everyone in the car except one. William was fencing with his partner Arrion when they started to be watched by everyone. William just got back from one mission just to take on another mission to kill the star child. Madisonburg experienced an earthquake that knocked the clock tower over, it's also home to Sydney and Sarah. Sarah gave Sydney a photo album for her birthday showing her the exploits of her parents before she was born. Henry went to go see Dr. Jasmine Caruthers to see what she thought about the earthquake. Dr. Caruthers saw something on the camera that she couldn't explain. They went to the woods where the unknown object landed. The object landed by Sarah and Sydney's house. William goes to Sydney and Sarah's house telling them that he was in a car accident up the road. Sydney and Noella drove to find the car with William, but he couldn't find the car. Does William kill the Star Child?  Sarah is the grandmother of Sydney, she is very nice and considerate. She found Sydney in the car that was hit by the meteor. Sydney is Sarah's granddaughter, to me she is very nice and she cares about others. She is also the star child that William is hunting, A star child is a destroyer of galaxies. William is the Prince of Torrian Alliance. Arrion is William's friend and he wanted to go on the mission with William but he didn't want him to. Noella is Sydney's friend. Henry is the Sheriff, is Sydney's godfather. Dr. Jasmine Carurthers is an astronomer at the laboratory, helping Henry protect Sydney, William and Noella. There are more characters in the book. While reading this book at the beginning I felt confused. Then it got better as the story went on and I could understand it a lot more. One of my favorite quotes from the story is “ It is true! William became infected by the Star child. But all is not lost. Noella and I will finish the job at hand. We are making arrangements to pick up the Star child later today with out much resistance. It's not what we expected. It appears that Noella, too, has turned against us. No matter, I now have the star child and am en route. I just need to secure the coordinates and fold back to home world.” “ Now I'm really mad. They have taken the girl back from me and I no longer have her in my possession. I will attempt to eliminate them by other means. What the oh no ahhhhhh!” This book isn't my normal read, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this book. I found myself wanting to know what was going to happen next. I couldn't put this book down. 

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