Monday, August 26, 2019

Tactical Heart by S.K. Rose

Title: Tactical Heart
Author: S.K. Rose
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: August 22, 2019
My name is Scarlett Mavis. I have a sweet tooth, no filters, and video games are my life.
Let me clarify that last part: They’re not a hobby; they’re not a way to kill the time; They. Are. My. LIFE.
Where family, men, and humans, in general, have failed me, video games are always there waiting for me to return to their warm and accepting embrace.
In real life I may be a heartbroken geek, but put a controller in my hands and I become an indestructible warrior.
What else does a girl really need?
Enter player two, Kane Decker.
Handsome, nerdy, incredible kisser, and just my type. Our first date was perfect in every way.
Then, like always, reality came crashing down with one simple truth. 
He wasn’t my teammate; he was the enemy. And there’s nothing I’m better at than taking out a rival player.
But this isn’t a game, and the stakes are all too real.
For the first time in my life, I may have met my match.
Game on.
Red Hatter Book Blog - “OMG. TATICAL HEART IS AMAZING! I laughed so hard throughout this entire story.”
Cali Gals - “WTH?! I am dying here. This book is SO FLIPPING GOOD!”
Naughty Librarian Blog - “S.K. Rose hit it out the fucking park with her first ROMCOM”
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Scarlett and Kane are both die hard gamers, which leads to a match made in heaven...until Scarlett discovers that he is her game nemesis. 

For me, the whole game nemesis element was the bit that turned me off a bit.  I understood why Scarlett was so upset at him and why she wanted vengeance as she was already going through a bad time when he did what he did.  However, the grudge she held went on for years and the way she sought her revenge was bordering on bullying, given the way that it made Kane feel.  Once they were able to put this behind them and move forward, this book really shone for me.  I really enjoyed how Kane was determined to right a wrong and his patience with Scarlett.  I absolutely loved his family and their quirkiness and the way he stood up for Scarlett with her mother.  

Scarlett did manage to redeem herself for me with the way that she interacted with Kane as the story developed and the way that she fit in so completely with his family.  I found this book to be fun, cool and I actually understood all the gamer terminology!!  Definitely worth a read.

S.K. Rose lives in the hellish desert of Arizona with her newly appointed husband and two obnoxious cats. When she’s not writing, Rose enjoys reading, gaming, swearing like a drunk sailor, collecting swords, and obsessing over the magnificent sea creature: the octopus. Remember the Reaper is her debut series with many more to come.

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