Saturday, July 30, 2016

Author Spotlight: Charlene M. Martin

Charlene M. Martin is a small town Author who currently resides in the same city that she was born and raised in. She loves watching teen drama shows, reading, writing, and listening to music. 

She has a loving family her mother who has taught her about love and lasting relationships. A father who pushes her to excel and succeed at anything she desire. Her younger sister and her have become very close over the years and she is very supportive of everything Charlene does.

She's been married for 11 years to her best friend. She loves her husband more than anything. He is so kind, loving and supportive of her hopes and dreams. He likes to joke with his friends that, "His wife writes adult books." 

They have an fourteen year old daughter who is smart and talented. Charlene can't believe how fast she grew up. Her daughter is turning into quite the young lady. She aspires to be so many things and Charlene encourage them all. She loves to write songs, and has even tried her hand at writing a book. Maybe one day she will follow Charlene's example. 

Being that Charlene is from a small town, she has made some long lasting relationships. She has two best friends that she's known for most of her life. They've continued to stick together over the years and they're always there for one another. Charlene couldn't imagine her life without them. 

She's not a big animal lover, but she does have a headstrong dog that is the absolute best-behaved dog she's ever seen.

She has always aspired to be a neonatal nurse and she continues to work towards that goal. Maybe one day it will come true for her. However, writing has become her new favorite love. 

She never would have dreamed that she would become a writer, but some really great people convinced her otherwise. Eventually she decided to give it a try and what do you know? She just finished writing her fourth book and she couldn't be happier. 

She will continue to write in her spare time with hopes of it becoming a full time career at some point in her life.

Stone Black is a successful business man who has demons in his closet. He is broken-maybe even beyond repair. He has never been in a successful relationship, because he doesn’t let anyone get close enough.

Anaya Cole has recently come into money and she is looking to invest. Mr. Black offers to help Anaya invest her inheritance so that she can open her abuse center.

There attraction is overwhelming, but Anaya doesn’t want to want him. After all he is a man-whore.

Ms. Cole has penetrated my mind and I just can’t seem to get her out of it. I have to have her, so have her I will. If it’s the last Goddamn thing I do. I will screw her until she can’t walk and then I will move on with my life just like I have always done.

Once Anaya tastes the whiskey on his breath, she can’t stop. She craves more, and when her head and her heart collide, she is left with an important decision-Walk away or risk being burned?

After all, Whiskey never felt so good.

***********WARNING: This book has adult situations, including abuse. (Possible triggers) This book is a DARK EROTIC read not intended for the faint hearted. Due to content and situations this book is NOT intended for anyone under the age of 18.***************

Mr. Black also known as Whiskey is a victim of sexual abuse, but not in the normal sense one may think. On more than one occasion Whiskey watched his mother being sexually assaulted. The impact of seeing those terrifying things at such a young age took him to a very dark place. He began to use whiskey and women to work through his problems, but when those stopped working, he sought out the help of a professional.

Ms. Langford must find a way to stay professional while dealing with Mr. Black's darkest revelations. Her attraction to him is undeniable, but he’s a client. She can’t have these feelings for him it would be unethical. She struggles to find an outlet for her sexual frustrations, due to Mr. Black’s explicit revelations.

Will she remain professional or will she give into her
Darkest Temptations?

As a psychiatrist, Rebecca Langford serves clients with serious problems. After one client divulges his darkest secrets and desires, Rebecca starts to fantasize about her own dark cravings. Hearing his recollection of the club brings Rebecca to the conclusion that not all needs are meant to be pushed aside.

Nathaniel Davenport, high-priced defense attorney, has lived a promiscuous life. Within the walls of Wrapped, he finds acceptance. Women need him, crave him, and most of all, want him for who he is. When Nathaniel overhears a beautiful woman telling her friend she wants inside Wrapped, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Once together, the sexual possibilities abound. Can two people come together simply for pleasure? Or will emotions play, too? Rebecca enjoys the thrills found but when her own secrets are revealed, will she survive the fall out?

Temptation can be dangerous.
It just may destroy Nathaniel and Rebecca in its playhouse.

Someone has watched her every move...

Throughout Arissa's life, she has experienced disturbing cold chills running down her spine, the kind that let a person know something is not quite right. For as long as she can remember, she has sensed she is being watched, but has been utterly unsuccessful in finding the person responsible for making her doubt her sanity. Her hope is that in moving away to college she will have a fresh start and a chance to find herself.

After years spent watching her, now he is developing strong feelings for her. That was never part of the plan, never his intention. Ideally, she would remain unaware of his presence in her life. Of course, life rarely unfolds, as it should. The best-laid plans often unravel. And the best kind of love is completely unexpected.

After experiencing a life-altering event, it changes everything. Arissa Perry's outlook on life and what is most important to her. Leaving her devastated and seeking comfort in the one place, she truly feels safe, those strong comforting arms and calming green eyes.

This time is different.
This time he is here and not just a figment of her dreams.
This will change everything.

Just when things feel perfect, it gets complicated. The one person she believed she knew is not who she thought. Will she still want him, when his secret is revealed? Her life will take some dramatic, unforeseen turns that lead to her Unexpected Destiny and Arissa must choose- fight or fail?

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