Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review of "Advance" By: K.A. Duggsy

"Advance" By: K.A. Duggsy
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

This was a different read to what is usually on my reading list but I'm very pleased to have had the chance to read it. 'Advance' captured me from the first intriguing words to its unexpected conclusion.

Set in a time and society where money, wealth and power are everything and those without are used to better the lives of the rich. Advance Technologies is the leader in technological development. Reporter Faith is stopped by a homeless after attending a press conference announcing Advance's new invention, with information that could bring Advance down.

Full of intrigue and twists and turns, this flowed smoothly and keeps you guessing as to who to trust and what the end game actually is. This was a gem of a read and a pleasant surprise from the talented K.A. Duggsy.

I hoped our reunion would be better than kidnapping her and holding her against her will. I had no choice but I still feel as if I’m no better than Advance Industries. I just couldn’t leave her to go through it again. I’m desperate to touch her, to hold her. Being this close yet so far away is a special kind of torture. I’ve missed her more than I ever knew was possible. I’ve been walking around with an ache in my chest, feeling as though the world fell away below my feet. I’ve imagined being with her again thousands of times, it’s what kept me going and it’s breaking me knowing she doesn’t remember me...doesn’t want me.
I know I need to be patient and generally I’m exceptionally good at that; just not where she’s concerned. I’ve waited to see her again for so long and even though I have my wish I want more. I want her to have missed me and pined for me as much as I have for her. I want to hold her against me naked and wanting. I want to bury myself in her over and over. I want the simple things like hearing her laugh. I want her back! Not this imposter playing at being the woman I know.  I harden just from remembering what she tasted like. She’s staring at me, a picture of innocence. Her cheeks are flushed, her chestnut hair splayed over her shoulder. Her pools of sea blue eyes are wide, and her body language conflicted.
She’s beautiful but doesn’t know it.
She’s brave but doesn’t believe it.
She’s mine but doesn’t remember it.
Without thinking and wholly needing to, I indulge my impulse as I bring my mouth to hers, tasting her for the first time in way too long. I bring my hand around to the nape of her neck pulling her closer. She doesn’t fight, it’s as though she’s been waiting for me to make my move, she moulds into me, fitting as perfectly as I remember and my hope is ignited. Hope that I can still cause the same reactions, feelings, and emotions in her.
I pour everything I have to give in to this kiss. I start gently; parting her lips with my tongue until hers meets mine in a tangled duel. Urged on by how responsive she is I deepen it. I tangle my fingers in her hair and kiss her fiercely, needing her to feel my need for her and more importantly my love for her.  I’ve missed so many things about her, but kissing her, yeah that has to be top of my list. I kiss her like it’s the last time I’ll ever do so because I never know what’s next. If I’d known she was going to leave me all those months ago, I never would have stopped kissing her.
I pull back quickly when she gasps and study her, searching her eyes and waiting for her acknowledgment that that kiss evoked a memory in her. A recollection of our past. She gives me nothing except her cute blush and my heart falls. What the fuck can I do to make her remember? I’m beside myself and starting to panic. I decide to plead with her once more. I’m not above begging...not where she’s concerned.
“Stay with me sweetheart... please. I don’t want to let you go back, but I won’t force you to stay.” I hang my head unable to look into her eyes as she tells me the words I can’t bear to hear. My chest is heaving as my heart rattles against my rib cage waiting for her to speak. To tell me that she’s leaving me... again.

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