Friday, February 12, 2016

Review of "Revive (Revival #1)" By: Claire Thake

"Revive (Revival #1)" By: Claire Thake
Rating: 3.5*

Recovering from tragedy is not easy….
How do you recover when your world is torn apart? Carrie has been struggling since an accident did just that. Pulling herself away from everything, and almost everyone she loves, she has focused on her career.
Her job is busy, challenging and takes her complete focus. Keeping her head down and not letting any emotions through allows her to focus on the here and now with no time to dwell on what she has already lost. If she doesn’t build new ties, she can’t ever lose again. Or so she thought… When she faces another life-changing event, how will she cope?
I enjoyed this story of love, loss, and the resilience of the human spirit. Carrie was young and beautiful but seemed to be withering away as she pulled into herself, grieving in the only way she knew how. When pulled from her self-imposed exile, she didn’t take it well, to say the least. While not always likable, Carrie’s character went through a lot of emotional maturity and growth so by the end of the story she owned her feelings and actions.
An emotional and drama-filled, sweet romance.

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