Sunday, February 28, 2016

Becoming by Danielle Ione

Title: Becoming  (Limitless novel #3)
Author: Danielle Ione





Lily was all of the above.  She spent her entire life fighting the person she truly was inside.  Lily waged a war on her reflection, hating the things she saw that no one else could.  She refused to accept that she was different in hopes that one day, things would change, that she would be normal.  And it wasn’t until Cambria Miller came into her life, that she started to realize that loving yourself, let you see the beauty in the imperfections.

Cambria let the world see what they wanted; the social butterfly, the logical girl, the one everyone relied on.  But no one saw what was underneath it all; the loneliness, the depression, the hurt that was caused by losing the one you love.  Since the death of her girlfriend, Cambria refused to move forward, letting herself live in a world filled with memories of what she had lost.  But the day Lily became apart of the equation, that all stopped.  The lines she had set blurred until all she could see what the girl she wanted so desperately, despite the fear, the memories, and the shattered heart.

As they come together on the broken path, supporting each other in the journey of discovery; the prospects of their future shatters in a tangled web of lies.  Cambria and Lily are faced with the destruction of Cambria’s past, leaving them wondering if they bond they had was strong enough to survive.

Becoming is part of the Limitless standalone series.  Each book can be read individually, but it is encouraged to read them in order to gain the best experience.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

I was in awe of Danielle Ione's writing for the previous books in this series but she has cemented her place as a truly talented author with this instalment.  This is one of this year's must reads for me as it takes an important issue and turns it into a beautiful story of self-discovery and finding your self-worth and self-confidence.

Lily is struggling with her sexuality and who she is.  She hides herself away from the world in an attempt to deal with it as it conflicts greatly in her mind with the way that she has been brought up.  In meeting Cambria she starts to accept who she is and become confident in who she is as well.  Whilst Cambria helps Lily she is struggling herself with events from her past, which will bring her life on a collision course with the characters met in previous instalments.

This was beautiful, emotional and oh so amazing.  It was heart-warming and heart-breaking. There aren't enough words to truly express how much this book touched me and how it made me feel while reading it.  It is one of those books that will stay with you long after it is finished and will keep you thinking.  

I’m a mama of an amazing set of twins, and a wife to a pretty cool dude. I live off of coffee, books, and sarcasm. I mean, there’s no other way to live, is there? I’m not a romantic person, not really anyway. So I always find it humorous that I only read and write romance, as if it were ingrained in me. My addiction to reading turned into a love for writing. And in all reality, writing is what keeps me sane. Any spare moment I have in my entirely too crazy life, I spend spilling the words from my head onto paper.


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