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Berserker's Rage by Elle Boon

Berserker's Rage
SmokeJumper's Book 2
by Elle Boon

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Hal Aldridge has always hidden his other half, but when he saves a woman beaten beyond recognition, he embraces his inner berserker. She calls to his soul more than any other.
Hospitalized for months, Felicity Evans holds onto the only thing that seems real. The voice of the man who kept her sane through the darkness.
Finally coming together, the couple realize the love that could be found in each other’s arms. Their passion flares brighter than the California sun, and there is no turning back. However danger once again finds Felicity, and Hal and his team of supernatural beings will do anything to bring her home safe.

Rating: 3.5*

This was an interesting read where the story takes some unexpected and unusual turns.  I was left feeling slightly bemused by these turns but, on reflection, they worked.

Berserker, Hal, is led to Felicity by his inner being and ultimately saves her life.  While Hal knows that Felicity is it for him, circumstances take them apart.  At the first opportunity, Hal returns to find her.

Felicity has always felt like an ugly duckling and never quite pretty enough for the parties and events her parents attended.  The attack forces Felicity's face to be rebuilt but the same insecurities filter through.  Felicity's strength and courage shine through as she picks up her life and stands up for herself.  It is through Hal's ministrations that her confidence in herself comes to the surface.

This was a good paranormal read but it would have been great to find out more about the beings and their world to be able to get under their skin and understand them more.  As a quick read, it flowed well and created a great atmosphere.

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Keanu uses his powers as a Fire Elemental to fight the fiercest forest fires. He lives his life dangerously as a Smokejumper knowing his abilities can save lives where others can’t. 

Called home to investigate threats, he finds a woman who calls to his soul. He has no clue that the biggest blaze he would ever fight, would be the one that Cammie Masters stirs in him. 
Cammie has never forgotten her girlhood crush for Keanu, but what she feels now is a woman’s desire. Can she trust he’ll stay, or will he blow out of town like he’s done every other time? 
When Cammie’s life is at stake, will Keanu find the men or beings who have targeted the woman he loves, before they destroy her and his hometown?


Rating: 3.5

A hot paranormal romance.

Keanu is a fire elemental and can absorb fire into his being as well as manipulate it.  His career choice as a smoke jumper and fireman is perfectly suited to him.

Cammie has had a crush on Keanu since he rescued her from a tree.  Meeting him again reignites her feelings and when they start working together the fire between them rages.

It was an interesting read with a lot of paranormal action with elementals, shifters and more, blending with the regular world nicely.  Lots and lots of passion between Keanu and Cammie.

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