Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review of "Flashpoint" by M.C. Cerny

"Flashpoint" by M.C. Cerny
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Romance and suspense are two of my favourite types of reads but put them together and it’s a winning package.  While I have my reservations about certain points of the story, it was still a really good read that was action packed.   

When Katie, news broadcaster, stumbles across an op being run by Jacob Reed and his band of non-governmental agency crew they can't risk her digging any further into the situation.  Jacob has admired Katie from afar and can't stay out of her life despite being ordered to.  But with the bad guys close on their tails and a jealous co-worker out to destroy Katie, Katie is in danger and Jacob won't allow that. 

The main events happen over a year apart where Jacob remains in protective mode towards Katie.  It is action packed and keeps on the edge of your seat for the most part of it.  Jacob is certainly a guy you want on your side with his incredibly protective nature but equally Katie is very strong and capable of looking after herself.  While lots of secrets get revealed throughout, there are still plenty more that need unravelling.  I am really looking forward to seeing what happens next in the series 

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