Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review of "The Search" by Kelley Grealis

"The Search" by Kelley Grealis 

Allison met Joe in a bar and she is taking him home to the apartment that the Drakes own. Joe has no idea whats going to happen to him. Her hearts only purpose was to move the Devil's venom through my body drive her toward the singular goal of another mortal kill, she doesn't know what city is in since she traveled to so many different cities over the past several months that they all looked the same. When the get to the apartment she was about to strike before she could they were interrupted by Marlo. When she interrupted she told Allison that she has news about Matt. Allison finally decided to go back to the castle. They went on a search for what? Matt? The Garden of Eden? Vincent? 

Allison has been on a non stop binge for human blood. She is a newborn vampire. Felix has been working on her family tree to see why she is so strong. Marlo found Allison. Lorenzo is part of the Council. Max is vampire. Vincent's Allison's would be suitor, he is in hiding. Matt is an archangel.

This is the second book in the search series. I loved how the characters were well developed. I also loved how I was hooked into the story from start to finish. Kelley you did it again.

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  1. Ahhhh, I'm so glad you loved book 2 as much as you did book 1! Here's hoping you find The Truth just as fang-tastic!