Friday, June 3, 2016

Review of "November Love" By: Victoria Prince

"November Love" By: Victoria Prince 
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Cheyenne is a very hard working person, she is a volunteer at an animal shelter during the weekends. She is so busy that she has no time for a boy friend. She went to a bar and didn't expect to meet Tavio. Tavio couldn't believe his luck in meeting Cheyenne, he met Cheyenne while she was standing by the ATM to stop getting hit on. Cheyenne and Tavio hit it off right away.

Cheyenne has three jobs, she is a freelance writer for web detail, she is writing a novel. She wants to study Marine Animals in the coming year. Her primary job is a fashion merchandiser for Louis Vitton. She has two younger brothers. Tavio is a firefighter, 36 years old. He couldn't stop thinking about Cheyenne. He is very caring and generous person.

This is an amazing read. I found myself drawn in from the first page. I loved how well the story is written and how well the characters are developed.I loved how I felt connected to the characters. I look forward to reading more books by Victoria Prince.

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