Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Review of "Stalled Independence (Holidays in Lake Point #3)" By: Sarah Cass

"Stalled Independence (Holidays in Lake Point #3)" By: Sarah Cass
Rating: 3.5*

Starting over should always be this sweet...

Regan Croft is starting a new life. She is hesitant, almost reluctant at times, but knows that just because her old life was familiar that didn’t make it right. Or healthy… When faced with car trouble, she is understandably wary when Clay Ryley steps in to help her. That doesn’t stop him from extending his hand, and his friendship, however. Regan is prickly and Clay is calm but determined as he sets out on chipping away at her reluctance…

I enjoyed this quiet but heartfelt story about starting over; about overcoming the past despite your fears. Regan was definitely feeling the pain of being alone, running from a past that, at times she still yearned for. Being with someone, even if they treated you badly, still brought its own kind of comfort in a world that can be cold and unwelcoming. At the same time she didn’t want to put herself in a place where she could be hurt again. A lonely place to be but thank goodness for Clay! Clay was the best antidote for Regan’s fears with his offer of friendship and assistance.

“She as geeky as you?”
“Actually, yes. We talk geek quite a bit.”

Clay and Regan quickly realize they have a lot in common on top of their mutual attraction and their romance is going to have to weather a few growing pains… While I didn’t engage with the characters as much as I’d hoped their story was sweet with an epilogue that made me misty… I definitely have to catch up on the other standalone stories of Lake Point!

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