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Saved by the Music by Kaithlin Shepherd Blog Tour

Erotic Romance Bestselling Series
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Author: Kaithlin Shepherd
Title: Saved by the Music
Series: Saints & Sinners #2
Release Date: August 6, 2016
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
Sam Brooks, the musical genius behind international success Saints and Sinners, is battling a past few people know about. When their management suggest the band work with a consultant to launch a charity project, the last thing he expects is the wave of protectiveness he experiences when he starts working with Ashlee Daniels.

Ashlee Daniels loves working with charities but lately, she's been feeling the need for a change. The last thing she expects is an offer from Saints and Sinners. Hurt and betrayed more times than she cares to think about, she doesn't need the added complication of Sam Brooks.

When Sam's past becomes his present, will their love be saved by the music?

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Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Carrying the Saints & Sinners baton is Sam in this instalment.  Sam's past is one of nightmares that still haunt him. Passionate about his music and his volunteer work, when funding threatens his volunteer centres he and his band  set up a charitable foundation.  Enter Ashlee, who already thinks Sam is super hot, to take the project forward.  Ashlee's life is a struggle and really needs the job so refuses to let business and her personal life mix.

As Sam's past creeps into the present, will he finally face it head on and leave it in the past where it belongs?

This was a completely different feel to that of 'Heart of the Music' but was just as well-written, just as engaging and just as emotive.  It had an intensity that just drew me in completely and Sam and Ashlee are perfect for each other.

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Kaithlin Shepherd is the author of the Callaway series, the Brass series and the Saints and Sinners series. 

Born and raised in Canada by a working single mom and a loving grandmother, Kaithlin surrounded herself with novels by Danielle Steele and Nora Roberts provided by her grandmother. Kaithlin quickly fell in love with reading. It was in high school, thanks to an English teacher, that Kaithlin wrote her first story (although if you ask for it, she will deny ever writing it) about a popular boy band. Inspired by constructive criticism, Kaithlin spent some time developing her love affair with words through more reading than someone would think possible.

After pursuing a higher education, Kaithlin, sat down with a pen and paper and decided to give writing a shot. With no false hope in mind, her first novel, Make Me Whole, slowly came to life. Putting fear and doubt aside, Kaithlin has published five books to date, and has eleven more set to be published in the next two years.

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