Sunday, January 31, 2016

Review of "Feeling Lucky" By: Kathy Bryson

"Feeling Lucky" By: Kathy Bryson
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Megan couldn't believe that she got drunk enough to bust up her cousin Brenda's wedding. When her mother told her that her Aunt Julia said that she pushed her to get to the bouquet, she knew that she wouldn't do that. When she got to her job she was very surprised to find out that she won the Fergus lottery. She was fired from her job because it would be considered a conflict of interest of having her advising people about how to spend their money. 

Megan just turned 40 years old, she used to work at the bank. She can't stand her Aunt Julia. Megan is Megan's mother, she is a professor, she is very concerned about Megan. She serves the Queen. Mrs. Carmichael is Megan's friend. she dresses well, she doesn't like leprechauns. She serves the queen. Fergus is the head of his clan, leprechaun, doesn't like getting summoned, she is the owner and CEO of Fergus Gas. Titania is the Queen of Feary. Julia is a very rude person, Megan's aunt, doesn't do apologies. 

This book is amazing. I found it was very hard for me to put down. It's very well written and some parts I couldn't help but laugh at. I loved how I felt connected to the characters. I also found it very hard for me to put this book down.

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