Friday, October 17, 2014

Where There's a Will Cover Reveal by Stacy Gail

Miranda Brookhaven returned to Bitterthorn, Texas to fix the past. Years ago, her father used her teenage romance with Coe Rodas to steal the prototype for a groundbreaking new automotive invention. Now her father's dead, and thanks to the convoluted will he left behind, she's stuck in town until she rights the wrong that lost her the man she loved.
Coe learned early on that life never goes according to plan. His dreams of hitting it big vanished when Miranda all but invited her father to take the only thing of value he ever had. But now the once-pampered princess is holed up in a condemned trailer on the edge of town...and everything he thought he knew about her—and about what happened between them back then—seems completely wrong.
Miranda's determined to give back to Coe all that he lost. If she can do that, maybe she can move on from the past. But Coe seems to be more interested in their rekindled passion than claiming what she thinks he deserves. She's got sixty days to convince him to cough up evidence that he's the original inventor—after that, the only way to transfer the patent rights over to him would be to make him part of the family, and she's not sure her heart can take another hit.

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A sudden melody murmured from her purse slung over her shoulder. For a baffled moment her brain scrambled to identify the tune before she dug for her phone. Was that John Mayer’s “Your Body Is A Wonderland”? Great song, but for it to spontaneously sound off like it was a ringtone…
She stared at the screen in disbelief. It was a ringtone.
Under his name was his picture set as the background—hair mussed, chest bare. Sleepy. Smiling. Satisfied.
“Holy shit, he took a selfie.” Then she clapped a hand over her mouth, horrified she’d said it out loud. “I’m so sorry, please excuse—”
“Not bad, as selfies go. I’ve never taken a good one—can’t get far enough away from the damn camera to look any good. Better answer before he hangs up.” Esme took one last peek at Coe’s picture before heading for the kitchen.
Miranda was still trying to get her jaw re-hinged—and recover from the notion of what sort of selfie Esme might have taken—when she got the phone to her ear. “‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’?”
“What? I hear that in my head every time I touch you.”
“Oh.” She put a hand to her idiotic heart as it melted. No doubt her panties would be next. “Then it should be the ringtone for me.”
“It is. If you were to call me, I mean. That’s the song I have for you on my phone, which, by the way, I always have with me. So I promise I’ll pick up, if…well, if you ever need to call me.”
Hint, hint. “Which I can do, now that I see you’ve put your number in my phone.”
“Right. You needed to have my number, just in case your car breaks down again. Or if you need me for anything else, like to kill a bug, or open a jar. Or to talk. You know. Whatever. Whenever. You can now call me. I’ll always answer when you call, Miranda. Always.”
Her throat squeezed tight. “Thanks. That’s good to know.”
“You really should put a passcode on your phone, now that I’m thinking about it. I could do that for you, if you don’t know how. But you’d have to, you know, bring me the phone so I could take care of it for you.”
In other words, he wanted to see her face-to-face. And damn it, she suddenly wanted to see him. “I’m still at Esme’s. Where are you?”
“I’m where I need to be.” She heard him blow out a breath. “I’m outside Esme’s trailer.”
She glanced through the curtain, saw his car behind hers and nearly choked when her heart bounded into her throat.
“I’ll be right out.”

A competitive figure skater from the age of eight, Stacy Gail began writing stories in between events to pass the time. By the age of fourteen, she told her parents she was either going to be a figure skating coach who was also a published romance writer, or a romance writer who was also a skating pro. Now with a day job of playing on the ice with her students, and writing everything from steampunk to cyberpunk, contemporary to paranormal at night, both dreams have come true.

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